Thursday, February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse

I saw the biggest telescope. It was bigger than this room. The moon looks like Mars. And I got to see Mars. These guys told me how to see Mars. And it was two hours after I went to bed. And when my dad woke me, I got a soda. Not a Sprite soda, but a Root Beer Soda.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

night time story telling

"There once was this boy called Little Alfred.
He saw what the lava looks like. It kinda looks like jello.
Well, he built a boat out of a palm tree and then he took a trip all the way around the world, like he built a tug boat actually, not out of wood. He built it in a factory, because that was his work
He went all the way around the world.
He went to Tokyo, California, Kentuky, Indiana and everywhere. And guess what?
He was looking for this little boy named,...
Anyway, he forgot where he was and then he was on the moon. He built a really special ship made out of legos. And then, guess what? Guess what? He found out that there was buried ice, because of a comet. He went all the way around the universe. He travelled all the way... (this is crazy!)... he travelled to another place outside the universe, a parallel universe. He even travelled infinity miles."
"Once upon a time there was a Stewart named Joseph. And he got to Stewart to the monster. And Stewart cried in my room. He got a boat. A monster take his boat."
"A sea monster."...
"So, where was I? Oh, his family went with Little Alfred. It was a survival ship. The space ship makes food, like this is a magic trick... it makes it from the ice from the planets.
So, the family was named, um, Texas Johnason. And, they met this alien. And then, the family got together and adopted the alien, like his brother. The alien's name was Robert.
"Once upon a time, there was Jimmy Johnson, 41, Jimmy Johnson. He went in his car and then Stewart got hit by a car. And he wants his mommy, and he want his daddy and mommy. He go back to the race and then he go back to Japan."
"Well, they asked him if he wanted any corn. He said,"Yes, I would. I lived on the planet called Corn Field." So what happened is that the ship crashed and it went through the thing and the people survived. It was like a ship that ran forever and it never ran out of batteries or whatever. It went through something and didn't get crashed. It's like this special shield that keeps it from getting crashed. And they lived on this ship forever."
"Once upon a time, Stewart got hit by a car and he want his mommy and daddy."

green screen

They mix the two shots and it ends up with us in front of the picture and we're not really standing in front of the house.
The background I would choose would be a volcano and the person would be climbing it. And the lava would explode and the person would explode but not really because of the screen.

Toby invited me to his birthday party. I said that it's great that he invited me to his birthday party.

Friday, December 28, 2007

what I got for for Christmas...

I got a RoboCar.
Also, I got a Melody Harp. It was cool.
Um, and, well, I really like my Melody Harp. And the Melody Harp, it plays a meatball song (On Top of Old Smokey).
And also, I got a laser.
I got legos for Christmas, too, and stickers, poster, a race track and rocket bullet thing, a balloon car, a fire truck and the piano thing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chocolate Bar, Reeses Bar

We saw chocolate on the computer. We saw machines. It was really cool. It was chocolatey! Mocolatey! We looked at a website that shows where they make chocolate. (

Friday, December 14, 2007

magic sand

Do you know what magic sand does Uncle Matt? Well, it is stuff that floats, sticks to your finger and keeps dry when you touch it. Isn't that cool Uncle Matt? That's why I call it magic sand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

robotic toy army thing

I built a robot at the Children's Museum. It was cool. It just moved. I built it with these things that had holes in them and you could poke them into the other holes like those lines down there, Uncle Matt and everybody. It transformed into three things, a boat or a car or a flying thing. It can shoot missles and grenedes that are on fire. And well, it can do nothing else besides those four things. I get on it and control it. Those orange things are the seat. You go under there and then you can have a seat.